Memoirs of summer 2012

16 Nov

Well,well, well.

Its been a while since I last bogged on here, what to do! There has  been so much wind the beginning of autum, and so many other exciting things going on, what’s a girl to do? To blog or to kite? I think we all know the answer on that!!!

So rather than bore you with too much detail, I have broken down the past couple of months into key areas with links and lots of pictures (please click on images for more pictures) , with a few tales thrown in.

So I started losing touch with internet life in June when I flew out to Egypt for 3 weeks to kite and coach in El Gouna for KB4girls. This was a brilliant trip yet again, El Gouna never fails to deliver me good times, whether on or of the water. I had 3 days of none wind in the 3 weeks that I was there.

There was a hell of lot of progression made for the girls and for myself. My first couple of weeks were spent hanging out at the very cool and relaxed Red Sea Zone, I just love going there, getting to catch up with my friends, meet new people, kite lots, chill, drink cold beer and eat everything on the menu. What I love about the RSZ (apart from the amazing people!!) is that you can go for early kite sessions because the kite station is open air, allowing you to grab your stuff at any time, and fear not about your stuff going missing as they have people who stay there overnight keeping a watch full eye on your stuff.

As I was here, I also got to bump into Martine and GoGo from Surfvibes whom I had met here last month. I was so happy that I saw them as they were of on a boat trip the next day to a white sandy Island just of Hurgada.This was such a amazing trip!!!! Offshore winds, butter flat water, white sand  so soft you could have mistaken it for caster sugar and crystal clear turquoise waters.  If I die and go to kite heaven this is how I imagine it will be. If you do get to go to Egypt you have to get in touch with them and do this trip. 

The last week in El Gouna was spent at the Kiteboarding Club, where we had the KB4girls event with Kristin Boese, yet again another amazing time was had. The girls were fantastic, we kited hard, partied like it was going out of fashion, did a catamaran trip, snorkelled, go karted and so much more. This was one of the global events, instead if the girls paying to take part, they were asked to fund raise instead for the chosen women’s shelter run by Hope Village Society in Cairo,a very worth while cause and the only one of its kind for a far time. please click above for more info. We had 22 girls take part on this clinic for all over the world ranging in ages of 10 to 55, proving it does not matter what age you are to get into this sport. Really looking forward to going back for next years event. Click here for the review by Kristin on the event. And here for the awesome Video which was filmed by the awesome Miguel Willis team rider at BEST Kiteboarding

So after all my Egyptian adventures it was off back home to England, and I have to say as much as I love Eygpt, I was so ready to get on my flight home. Laden with burnt cornea’s, live coral growing out of my feet  and cankles that would put Vannessa Feltz to shame. I was ready to embrace the cold, grey and choppy British shores.

It has been a awesome summer here in the UK, we have lots of wind and even sun, the days have been long and light. My time since I got back has also  been filled with proper work, more KB4 girls chapters, some SUP’ing  safari’s and getting on the Oakey.

We also had a KB4girls global clinic here on my home turf Lancing beach, this was also a truley special event for many reasons, we had girls come from all over to take part and coach, Turkey, Israel, Germany and the most northernest  parts of Scotland. We also had the lovely Kristin Boese come to coach on the clinic.

This clinic was also very special as it was being held in honour of the beautiful Fiona Claisse,

Earlier this year, our community was devastated to hear of the tragic passing away of local kitesurfer Fiona Claisse. Fiona died on the 18th January 2012 after battling Bowel Cancer and is sadly missed and remembered by many.

Fi was an avid kitesurfer and passionate about inspiring progression in the sport. She worked closely with her husband Rob Claisse developing the well known ‘Progression’ DVD’s. Her philosophy to kitesurfing reflected the same view as our own here at KB4Girls; attracting more girls into the sport as well as encouraging those already kiting to learn something new. This is something Fiona took close to heart and worked to promote. She was an amazing and inspiring woman who touched many people’s lives.

At only 33 years old, Fi was diagnosed with Bowel Cancer in October 2011. She had chemotherapy for 12 weeks but it had no effect, with the cancer growing and spreading to her stomach, liver, jaw and hip bone. What had started as only a few years survival, changed to months and then sadly only weeks. During this time Fi showed a strength of character that was astounding, but not surprising to those that knew her best. She was in pain at many times over the whole period. But towards the end she was a lot more peaceful.

Fi will be forever missed and never forgotten. St Barnabas House was central in helping her and Rob through the last stages of her life, and  KB4Girls Lancing wished to honour and remember Fiona by donating the funds raised to St Barnabas House, an undeniably worthwhile cause.

At Fi’s funeral, Rob conveyed a message that he knew Fi would like him to pass on.

“Don’t settle for good enough, you deserve more from your life. If you dream of something better, know that you deserve it and can make it happen”.

Rob Claisse has also done and continues to do a amazing job fundraising for this cause and in memory of Fi with the total being a amazing £14,156.00 so far, if you wish to help or donate towards this please click on here for further info.

We will continue to make this global event in honour of Fiona helping to keep her amazing spirit flowing and alive.

I knew Fiona, not on a intimate level, but we frequented in the same circles, she was always happy and always smiling, not a bad word to say about anyone or anything, really living life to the full. Now not many days go by now where she or Rob do not pop up in my head, reminding me to keep smiling and live life to the max and appreciate those loved and close ones . You really do only get one go at this, and you should make it count!

Click here for picture of the weekend.

Joanna Brett with the Fiona Claisse Spirit award keeping the love alive :-)

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  1. Emily Thomas November 18, 2012 at 4:38 pm #

    A beautiful fun and touching blog xx

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